About People: A Manifesto on the True Meaning of Sales, Marketing, and Business to Transform Lives

This is a personal story, and   I’ll take you inside my own fears, thoughts, anxieties, and how my own transformation and personal experience can help you in your life today. 


I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19, and by 25, I had already gone bankrupt with 2 companies. 

What did I do so wrong that prevented my success? 

Even though I found success with my new business at the age of 30, why was it pushing me into depression, consuming me, bleeding me dry (and inwardly, killing me)? 

Why did entrepreneurship, my professional life, and even my personal life, feel so wrong? 

The answer, today, I see is very simple. 

I didn’t understand the core, the real reason that drove me to entrepreneurship. I always knew it wasn’t just about “making money” (although it was a big motivator). 

Even in my book “Gatilhos Mentais” (Buying Triggers, in English – coming soon!) I talk in the introduction that persuasive communication, copywriting, sales, marketing, business, is about transforming lives. 

Even with this principle, why did my life turn into complete chaos… and how could I get out of it? 

Here are my lessons. 


You Need to Be Who You Are

Since 2014, I began writing about copywriting (and Palavras que Vendem) and became known for the theme of “Mental Triggers.” 

I was recognized as a great copywriter, achieved great results, but… that wasn’t my “box.” 

People labeled me as a “copywriter” and the “guy of mental triggers,” and no matter how much I tried to talk about other subjects, I still tried to fit into that label that was created for me. 

Moreover, a series of failed partnerships made me take the difficult decision to step away from the public exposure I had and focus on three things: 

1. Working on what I was really good at (hint: it's not copywriting);

2. Developing new skills and living new professional experiences;

3. Finding who I really am;

I focused on a few clients, specialized in paid traffic, further developed consulting skills, team management, and increasingly focused on business development and strategic thinking (the latter being where I’m really good at). 

The third item was the most challenging. 

I needed to delve deep into my soul, find my true essence, and, most importantly, discover who I was and what my mission in this world was. 

This led me to write the book “Triggers of the Soul,” which tells this journey. 

But the big lesson from this topic is: you need to find who you are, discover your spiritual mission, and BE who you are. 

Before, I tried to fit into the boxes I was placed in, and it consumed me. I needed to “hide” my essence to keep making money. 

But if you’re not honest with yourself, with your soul, you can fall into a very deep hole that’s difficult to climb out of. 

If you try or need to create an image, create a character to “appear” to your audience that is different from who you ARE, and what you really feel (and this is common on social media), you can disconnect from your “Self.” 

And believe me, that path isn’t cool. 

So be sincere and authentic with YOURSELF first and foremost! 


Your Client is an Extension of You

When you find this real identity (and not a label created by or for others), when you find the reason and purpose to BE who you are, you begin to look at your client. 

Your mission, as an entrepreneur, is to TRANSFORM YOUR CLIENT’S LIFE. 

Whether it’s cleaning a house, building a rocket, helping train your dog, or applying makeup. 

Now, the deeper detail of this journey is that your client is not “outside.” 

Your client exists… and you client is inside of you. 

There is no “other people”. We are all human beings with a single collective Soul, we are all interconnected through our individual Souls. 

When I realize that my client is WITHIN, not a external being outside me, I start to relate to him intimately, with a genuine desire to help him. 

Because by transforming my client’s life, I am transforming my own life. I am fulfilling my life’s mission. 

This sense that there is no separation between the physical and spiritual world is what made the big difference for me. 

There is no conflict in talking about sales, marketing, and business while also discussing spirituality. 

If I spiritualize my company, if I bless my work, I will be guided by fundamental ethical principles. 

If I do something “wrong” to my client, I am doing harm to myself, to my Soul. 

So, every day, I work with the awareness of BEING who I am, and doing the BEST for my client, because my client is a part of me. 


The Conversation You Create Draws Your Client into Your World

As entrepreneurs, salespeople, content creators, we are constantly communicating. 

Increasingly, the world is being inundated with content, and various interest bubbles are formed. 

The danger of this is that we often get stuck in information bubbles that are not genuinely of our interest (and that harm us), and we get trapped in the “algorithms” of social media. 

Our world becomes algorithmized, and many of our opinions are, actually, the opinions of “other people.” 

When you post on social media, send an email, or communicate directly with your client, you are bringing them into your world. 

You have 100% responsibility for the world you create. 

You have the option to create a world of noise, fear, chaos, anxiety (as I see many “launches” happening), or you can create a world of calm. 

A quiet mind can connect more deeply with your own Soul and the Soul of your client. 

It is in this space, when you bring your client into your world, that you open up space to be who you are, and allow your clients to also be who they are. 

You don’t need to force your client to “transform” into someone else through a new profession or skill. 

Allow your client to have this space to express themselves and pursue their own transformation. 

My biggest professional transformations came precisely from studying unrelated subjects. 

Learning about copywriting, I discovered some business strategies and real companies that are the most incredible I know. 

Learning a bit about video editing, I encountered powerful stories to tell; learning stories, I learned about these “worlds”; studying about “worlds,” I learned about emails; studying emails, I discovered traffic; studying traffic, I discovered funnels, and so on. 

If I had been forced to confine myself to a new “box” with each new skill, I would have remained lost. 

When I confined myself to the “box” of “copywriter” and “buying triggers,” I sank into a hard depression. 

Allow your client to discover themselves on their journey, and show them new possibilities. Allow them to dream of living up to their full potential. 


When Your Client is Amazed with Your World, They Want to Know More

As your client becomes acquainted with your world, they are drawn to wanting to know more. 

Social media is a great tool for attracting people with the same values and interests as yours; you tell your story, and you begin to present your world. 

Then they visit your website, join your list, purchase your product, and continue browsing through each new content. 

You can create worlds within worlds, creating spheres of influence for distinct and specific needs that will further transform your client’s life. 

You don’t need to force all your followers to be interested in everything you offer because each one is at a different stage. 

Speak to those who “raise their hand” and show genuine interest. 

Less and intimate is better than more and generic. 

You can have thousands of clients while still maintaining intimacy, closeness, and delivering genuine value (even if you’re not the “expert” directly delivering the value and have a team and a system for that). 


It's All About People

Entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, sales strategies, business strategies – it’s all About People. 

It’s about you discovering who you are. 

It’s about you serving your client. 

It’s about preeminence. 

You go beyond any competition because you’re so committed to creating a world that is rich and valuable for your clients that no one can reach or threaten you. 

It’s about people transforming their own lives, transforming the lives of others. 

And that, my dear friend… 

That is my world, and I want to live this journey with you. 


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